During the COVID-19 Outbreak we are here for our patients at Utah Orthopedic Spine & Injury Center.

At UtahOSIC, we care about our patient’s safety and access to healthcare. Our office is open and working full time, now offering both in-person appointments and virtual consultations. We are using HIPPA compliant Telemedicine for patients with orthopedic needs that are at home and maintaining physical distancing. Our clinicians are determining which patients require in-person visits and we are seeing those patients principally in our  clinic. In our office we are using best practices to ensure the safest possible environment. We are limiting patient visits, minimizing the number of persons encountered and have instituted stringent barrier and cleaning regiments.

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We are a clinic dedicated first and foremost to the recovery and well being of our patients.

MEDICAL SPECIALISTS PROVIDING COORDINATED CARE: We work as a physician led team of specialists to provide the most comprehensive and complete recovery from injuries. We provide services ranging from immediate injury evaluation to complex sub-specialty surgical treatments. We provide both diagnostic and treatment services. We can arrange testing to include: MRI, CT scan, EMG, Ultrasound, Neurologic testing and Digital x-ray, among other necessary modalities. Our expertise is in both non-surgical and surgical care. We provide complete surgical services to include surgical facility, anesthesia, and implants, as needed. The care rendered both in our clinic and in our affiliated facilities is medically supervised to assure best outcomes.

Each of our physicians has many years of experience caring for injured patients in their area of expertise. Our specialists evaluate and treat the following injuries: Neck, Back, Shoulder, Knee, Hand, Elbow, Hip, Foot, Ankle, Neurologic, Concussion/Brain Injury, Head, Facial, Dental and Oral Maxillofacial, amongst other conditions. We can treat both relatively minor and major complex injuries. When needed, we provide additional care, to include medical, cardiac, pulmonary, vascular, head injury, radiological and infectious disease, among others.

If you have been injured in an accident and sustained soft tissue trauma, fracture, spine, joint or concussion/brain injury or you are not exactly sure, Utah OSIC is prepared to fully evaluate your injury and implement a treatment plan together with you. We work as a coordinated team to efficiently facilitate your care and recovery.

Patient Centered Care

Utah OSIC supports patients throughout his or her injury treatment. As experienced experts in caring for accident victims, we will carefully document all medical cases, from injury, testing, non-surgical treatments to surgical care and recovery. There are no out-of-pocket fees to our patients. There are neither co-pays nor deductibles charged. We are not a finance company, but rather a comprehensive physician directed medical clinic providing coordinated, supervised care to patients injured in accidents.

Utah OSIC Patient Commitment

Utah OSIC is 100% dedicated and committed to helping our patients return to an active and healthy condition. We will respond to patient requests and questions on a timely basis and in an efficient manner.

The OSIC Team

Board Certified Spine Surgeon
Disc Replacement
Minimally Invasive Procedures
Fusion Surgery
Decompression Surgery

Diagnostic Services
Injection Therapy – Spine and Joints
Supervision/Coordination of PT and Chiro Care

Dedicated, Subspecialty Trained Surgeons:
Upper Extremity
Lower Extremity

Concussion Evaluation and Screening
Clinical Psychology
Neuro-Optometry and Vision Services
Coordination with Physical Therapy

Evaluation and treatment of Brain and Neurologic Injury

Cardiology, Pulmonary, Plastic Surgery, Dental/Oral Surgery, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine

All these services and specialists are supervised and coordinated by Dr. Phil Davidson, Utah OSIC Medical Director. Dr. Davidson has more than twenty year’s experience in the treatment of injury patients and coordinating their care. He is assisted by an extensive and well trained staff to provide the best care possible for patients injured in accidents.

Phil Davidson MD, Medical Director

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